We’ve all been tempted by the joys of sunset cocktails (in our cases, many, many times). You know how it goes: after spending a lazy afternoon lying on a sandy stretch of shoreline, basking in the sun, diving into gentle waves you’re ready to celebrate nightfall. We get it:

As shadows grow long and the sun dips lower in the sky, it’s sunset cocktail time!

Turns out that a lot of our lazy afternoons are spent on the beach in Crandon Park, probably my happiest of Miami happy places. (It’s where we got engaged!). I love that feeling after you wander off the beach, when you’re totally peaced out, a little crispy with sunburn and salt water, and you’re ready to continue marinating — only this time with an adult beverage.

Yes, there are snazzier places to go than to Whiskey Joe’s, but I’ve got a major soft spot for its waterfront location overlooking Biscayne Bay and the glittering Miami skyline. As the sky glows in orange, pinks, and reds and light reflects off the pearly white high rises across the bay, well, I get chills nearly every time I see it.

Here’s the thing: you’re not going to Whiskey Joe’s for the fine cuisine, high-end service, or (let’s face it) clean, outdoor tables. You’re there to enjoy nature’s nightly ritual with a drink in hand. Plus, if you’re there in time, you might even catch a happy hour special. Added bonus? Rock out to a surprisingly retro-90s music soundtrack. Just when you think you’ve forgotten the word’s to Sublime’s Santeria…there it is, blasting over Whiskey Joe’s speakers.