North Beach continues to up its coolness factor with a bandshell entertainment schedule that just keeps giving. We’ve already written about what a fantastic cultural resource the bandshell has morphed into. Among the regularly scheduled events hosted by the bandshell is a monthly Dance Band Night, held on the first Thursday of the month.

If it sounds corny, it isn’t. If it sounds freaking amazing — guess what? It most certainly is.

The music and dance styles featured each month will vary, but the format remains essentially the same. Dance lessons start at 7pm, before the show, and the band hits the stage at 8pm. Kick up your heels, grab a drink at the bar or a snack at the food table and voilá! Your Thursdays just turned infinitely cooler.

October witnessed the groves of Barrio Abajo, a Colombian band that rocks out to music native to Colombia’s Caribbean coast, like Cumbia, Bullerengue, Porro, the Chandé.

If traditional Colombian isn’t your jam, past and upcoming shows include rockabilly, samba, French Caribbean nights.

Now before you go, check out this uh-MAZ-ing young woman (who wasn’t even part of the band but joined them for a few songs) sing her pretty heart out, Colombia-style.