For months I was confused whenever I would drive up Collins Avenue through Sunny Isles Beach. There, in a prime oceanfront location, was a tower being built that had a gigantic multi-story gap at the base with just three huge columns in it.

The new construction wasn’t a surprise — that entire stretch seems to be a field of cranes — but the empty space was. What is that thing? A giant atrium? Some sort of epic waterfall? The world’s largest valet overhang? In Miami, any sort of crazy idea seems possible.

It turns out the answer is actually even stranger than I could have ever guessed. The columns are a way to showcase the building’s defining feature: an epic robotic elevator that brings each resident’s car up and down to their own private “sky garage.”

Yes, that’s right, in this 57-story building — the Porsche Design Tower — you can bring your vehicle directly to your “sky home” rather than leave it down below. As Juergen Gessler, CEO of Porsche Design Group, put it: “You don’t have to leave your car until you are inside your apartment” — which is either brilliant, or a sign that our society  has finally reached peak laziness, or both.

Below is a mesmerizing video about how the car elevator works and, if you’ve got a few million to spare, here’s some info about the building.