Come nightfall, if you can get yourself tickets to see the Miami Heat play basketball, by all means, get thee to a game. I’m a fan of seeing sports live, but admittedly, not a huge hoops fan. If you’re like me, a Heat game will change all that. Trust.

This is particularly true if you attend during a “Noche Latino,” when “El Heat” t-shirts are on sale, mojitos flow like water, and the crowd cheers “Ellllll HEEAAAATTT!!” at every basket (and since the Heat are like, the best team ever, there’s a lot baskets and subsequent cheering).

Heat fans have been voted the most loyal in the NBA, and it shows. The energy inside American Airlines Arena is electric. Sure we went through some minor heartbreak when Lebron moved back to Ohio, but this crowd hasn’t lost its passion, and the Heat haven’t lost their mojo, either.