Visitors to Haulover Beach Park can relax on a 1 1/2-mile stretch of sand, playing with their kids on the family-friendly swath, or tossing a frisbee to their pup on the dog-friendly section. And yes, if they’re feeling a mite bit adventurous, they can strip down to their bits and enjoy the, er, views at Haulover’s clothing optional area.

Lifeguards keep an eye on the sea, adding to the beach’s appeal, and concessions offer beach chair and umbrella rentals.

If  you head to Haulover during the week, particularly during the off-season, you’ll enjoy quite a bit of solitude, but regardless of the time of year, weekends draw crowds. You’ll find large groups — mostly families — barbecuing, sunbathing, listening to sexy salsa tunes, playing in the surf, and generally having a grand ol’ time.

Across the street from the beach, on the bay side, you’ll find a marina with boat rentals, fishing charters, and perhaps best of all, a kite concession. Each February, colorful kites dip and swirl through the skies during Haulover’s annual Kite festival. If you miss that event, never fear, special kite days dot the calendar throughout the year.