How did you spend the lazy, hazy nights of your childhood summers? If you were lucky, you were chilling ’round a campfire with your closest peeps, singing songs, counting stars, and poking a marshmallow onto a stick, roasting it over your campfire flames, and concocting gooey-licious s’mores with hunks of chocolate and graham crackers.

Welp, those halcyon days no longer need to linger in your past. Thanks to Canvas Miami and the Arts and Entertainment District, you can relive those childhood memories or — if you’ve never devoured the creamy, crunchy goodness of s’mores (and if so, who are you!?!) — create them for the first time.

The District has now hosted two S’Mores Under the Moonlight gatherings, and their popularity seems to be growing in spades, with October’s event requiring a security guard to check IDs and a line of hungry, thirsty Miamians queuing up for entry into the Canvas courtyard.

First, let’s address the obvious: S’Mores. At the first event, I was more than a little bummed when they ran out of marshmallows and chocolate, but this time, they were geared up for a crowd. I ate my sticky little face off, roasting the ‘mallows over three contained bonfires.

But the key to creating community, as Canvas has been so intent on doing, is offering more than just a grub-fest. The event featured drinks by Airstream Apothecary, where guests could belly up to their silver cocktail caravan to order up something to sip. For less boozy tastes, Mad Chiller, Exquisito Fine Chocolates, and Vice City Bean were also hawking tasty wares.

Folks who needed more sustenance than S’mores have to offer had the option to hit up Ms. Cheezious and MV My Food Truck, which were dishing up grilled cheeses, pizza, and more.

While all the drinks and eats were fab, one of the event’s major draws was the music. Javier Garcia (one of our fave Miami artists) and Spam Allstars played their hearts out and helped the crowd get their groove on after dark.