I was psyched when my friend invited us to brunch at Organic Bites the other weekend. I had heard fantabulous things about the restaurant, which opened in April 2015 in MiMo to quite a bit of fanfare. Though a restaurant with a name like “Organic Bites,” might conjure visions of green juices and wheatgrass, this space dishes up so much more than that.

Sure, you’ll find the usual organic suspects, like cold-pressed juices and açai in a bowl. But you’ll also rub elbows with a hearty burger complete with caramelized onions, smoked truffle mozzarella, and a brioche bun. Then, there the pastrami carpaccio appetizer, a delicate mix of pastrami, arugula, shaved parmesan, and basil oil. The menu list goes on, and on.

Which brings us to Organic Bites delicious-sounding breakfast items. Now, I say, “delicious sounding,” because despite coming in for brunch at 12:30 on a Sunday, I quickly learned that the restaurant stops serving breakfast at 11:30. On a Sunday. In Miami.

This, my friends, is a major fail. In a city that barely rises before sunset on a Sunday, offering a menu with fab-seeming options like and english muffin topped with sliced tomato, spinach, poached egg and avocado hollandaise and then cutting the cord on those choices before most Miamians have wiped Saturday night out of their eyes is nearly criminal.

The very sympathetic waitress lamented that she has to explain this fact over, and over again to clients who roll into the restaurant in the early afternoon on weekends. It appears I’m not alone in my woe.

Oh, Organic Bites, I do love me a Sunday brunch. In fact, I think a helluva lotta folks would agree that it’s a weekly staple and we’d love to try YOUR menu! So pretty please extend your Sunday breakfast, ‘mkay?

As of this writing, breakfast is wrapped up at 11:30 on weekends, but if I do crawl out of bed in time (or the breakfast hours extend – yay!) I’ll post an update, for sure.

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