If you want a heavy dose of style with your afternoon pick-me-up, look no further than Limited Edition Caffé. Tucked into Miami Ironside complex in the city’s slowly blossoming Upper Eastside, Limited Edition quickly stole the hearts and sated the caffeine addictions of its devoted clientele.

Owned by the folks who brought us Ironside Pizza, Limited Edition’s industrial-chic vibe feels straight outta Brooklyn, though a courtyard lush with plants and trees and dotted with tables, chairs, and the occasional hammock remind us that — thankfully — we are in the heart of the 305.

ironside miami

The courtyard at Miami Ironside. (Copyright Miamicito)

There’s wifi on the premises, making it a popular choice for work-at-home creative types looking for respite from their lonely apartments.

Order a cup of drip-brew coffee or an iced tea, and indulge in a goo-tastic chocolate chip or mudslide cookie for good measure. The food menu is slim, but there’s a sandwich of the day, as well as small plates like hummus and cheese with honey, as well as sweet treats, including cornetti, and homemade cakes.

Whether you sit inside on mismatched furniture, surrounded by curious knickknacks, or enjoy the peaced-out courtyard atmosphere, Limited Edition soothes the souls of weary workers.