At Miamicito, we are never opposed to sipping a cold one on a warm, sultry Florida day. We live where everyone else vacations, so why shouldn’t we treat life like one big getaway? Like Jimmy Buffet crooned, it’s 5 o-clock somewhere.

Maybe you love Jimmy and his island-friendly style and super-chill songs, or hey, maybe you just love drinking. Either way, we suggest making the short jaunt from Miami north to Hollywood. Here you’ll find the recently opened Margaritaville Resort, and its waterfront 5 O’Clock Somewhere bar.

The resort has been a boon to sleepy Hollywood. Before it opened, some neighbors wondered how such a large-scale resort with manufactured good vibes would fit into the ‘hood. Yet small business owners we spoke to raved that the influx of tourists with money to burn has been a very good thing — particularly this (relatively) chilly winter.

5 O'Clock Somewhere, Margaritaville

5 O’Clock Somewhere, Margaritaville

The sprawling, beachfront property includes multiple outdoor bars and eateries, swimming and wave pools, and an outdoor performance venue. Best of all for locals, Margaritaville spread itself across A1A, creating a mini drinking oasis known as 5 O’Clock Somewhere.

Perfect for sundowners, the bar sits alongside the sparkling intracoastal. Imagine unwinding in a colorful adirondack chair, watching boats sail past, listening to the chill tunes of a live band, while sipping a margarita. Of course, you can choose from beers like Buffet’s signature Landshark, as well as wine and cocktails. The big bonus is that the bar also dishes out mighty tasty food — we recommend starting with the buffalo sriracha shrimp.

Raise your glass, be proud of your imbibing habits, and remember…it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.