At times, North Beach feels like a bit of a wasteland where hip drinks spots are concerned. Then, we discovered Lou’s Beer Garden. Tucked behind The New Hotel in a spot that’s more Secret Garden than Beer Garden, wandering into Lou’s feels like you’ve unearthed a treasured local’s secret.

Little twinkling lights brighten the narrow walkway that leads to the back of the New Hotel, where a magical world of funkiness unfolds. Tiny tables, a smattering of sofas, and a few larger seating areas surround a pool, which is flanked by a tiny, well-designed bar and a veritable  jungle of ferns, palms, and plants.

I’d argue that Lou’s is the absolute perfect spot for a post-dinner cocktail, craft beer, or glass of wine. There’s even a housemade bourbon, “Angel’s Envy.”

If you’re craving something boozy, the Amalfi Sunset brings it, with a combo of vodka, aperol, fresh grapefruit juice, lemon, agave nectar, and bitters.

You’ll also find refreshment with the ice-cold Moscow Mule — served in a copper cup, natch.

I’ll add that whoever is curating Lou’s music deserves a medal. You’ll groove to The Smiths, and other alt-80s and 90s faves in the early evening. Though as it gets later, the music grows decidedly more clubby. This is, after all, Miami.

Happy hour runs Monday through Friday, from 6 pm – 8 pm, when select drinks are $6.95.

Despite its name, Lou’s is far more than a beer garden. You’ll find a full (and pricey) menu with apps that include “bitchin’ crab cakes,” and “high cholesterol mac and cheese,” as well as entrees like yellow tail snapper and black angus steak.

A fair warning: service can be hit or miss. When it’s a miss, you might wait 20 minutes for you drink to arrive after ordering.