Years ago, before I called Magic City home, I traveled to Miami on vacation, and asked the Twitterverse for suggestions on what to see and do, and namely, eat. Because lord knows, I like to eat. Over and over, one spot received repeated shout outs, Buenos Aires Bakery & Cafe.

Fast forward a few years, and not only am I a local, I basically live across the street from Buenos Aires, which is — undoubtedly — home to Miami’s greatest opportunities for sugar highs.

Prior to living in Miami, I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and still get nostalgic for the city’s incredible baked goods. Luckily, they’re found en masse at this North Beach bakery.

Though I never quite grew expert at understanding the Porteño accent, I do get warm and fuzzy when I hear the distinct pronunciation of certain Spanish words.

Let it be said, walking into this Miami bakery and cafe and basically like taking a stroll straight into Argentina’s capital. The neighborhood, North Beach, is locally known as “Little Argentina.” Nearly all my neighbors are South American, and a solid chunk are legit from Argentina. It’s clear they most definitely give the Buenos Aires Bakery the thumbs up. I write this as fact since a solid 90% of cafe patrons are clearly Argentines (that accent!).

The locals in Buenos Aires Bakery linger over their cafecitos and pastries, watching futbol on TV, chatting, and gossiping.

Ordering at Buenos Aires can be a surprisingly stressful experience for first-timers and gringos. Here’s the skinny: There is no line. There’s a machine doling out numbers. Take a number. When your number is called, order. Bam. Bonus points: you’ll have the chance to practice your Spanish upon arrival, since it’s the staff’s first language.

Pretty much everything Buenos Aires serves is fresh and delicious. Whether you devour ornate pastries and cookies, sugar-encrusted medialunas, or enormous alfajores oozing dulce de leche, you’ll want to take a long and winding stroll on the North Beach promenade in an attempt to work off the million delightful calories you’ve just consumed.