Like so many other Miamians, we’re not originally from here; and, like so many others, we ended up in Miami somewhat unintentionally.

In 2012 we were living in New York City, working demanding jobs late into the night, slogging through the concrete jungle, and hating it. So we decided to quit. We gave up our apartment, put our belongings in storage, and took off to travel the world (you can read more about that adventure here and here).

Our first stop was Miami, mainly because it was February and we wanted a warm starting point in the United States. We’d both been here before for work and quick vacations, but we had only seen the little bit of Miami that most visitors experience: Ocean Drive, some South Beach food/drink, a quick trip to Calle Ocho, the Bayside Marketplace, and — of course — the beach.

With the luxury of time, and because we were lucky enough to meet an amazing group of people eager to show off their hometown, we got to see beyond that sliver of the Magic City. We saw the other Miami — the real Miami — and we loved it.

We discovered Argentinian wine bars in gas stations, Cuban cafeterias on the edges of the Everglades, pop-up art galleries run out of beat-up old trucks, and hidden parks filled with mangroves. We met all sorts of people from every place imaginable, each with an amazing story to tell.

We discovered a vibrant, beautiful, multi-cultural, growing, proud city (that’s sometimes also a little crazy).

After two months we left to explore the rest of America, then the rest of the world, but we kept thinking about Miami. A few years later we returned for a bit, then we came back again. The stays became longer and longer until, somehow, we inadvertently became Miamians.

This website is dedicated to the Miami we have discovered, and that we are still discovering. These are some of our favorite things to eat, drink, and do. It’s our way of documenting the restaurants, bars, galleries, museums, parks, events, trips, and more, that we come across and want to share with others.

If  you’d like a copy of our media kit, or you’ve got any feedback — comments, questions, complaints, or (especially) suggestions on what to check out — please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

– Ayaz and Valerie